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Angelina Jolie Look Alike Sienna Taylor



My detailed CV RESUME Personal Info for download PDF


 my lookalike work.

and some info on me by my agent:

Sienna Taylor is an official Angelina Jolie look alike and  photo model; the most published and sought-after Angelina look alike in the UK, she is favored by English newspapers, producers and photographers for her striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie and her most famous character, Lara Croft. 


Previous Modelling Experience
Sienna Taylor was invited to the French Lookalikes Show in Paris as the world's best Angelina Jolie model where she appeared on French television before millions of viewers. You also may have seen her on the BBC or in the UK newspapers as the Lara Croft doppelganger officially opening Lara Croft Street.; obvious choice for private and corporate parties seeking a convincing celebrity look alike and is always extremely popular with guests who want to get a unique photo with a genuine Angelina Jolie look alike.

A great photo model in her own right, one of her pictures (by Alfredas Satas) was auctioned for £8000 at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, charity event. 


Prior experience includes but is not limited to:


  • Television appearances
  • MTV shows

  • Commercials 

  • Corporate functions
  • Magazine exclusives

  • Event promotion
  • Private appearances

  • Photo model, photo shoots
  • London based children's charities


For more information, please view  full CV PDF file for download or  feel free to send an enquiry 






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